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Chances are if you are visiting my website you have been a victim of police brutality or have suffered a serious personal injury. You could be a grieving relative of somebody who was killed by police. Or you yourself could be the victim of a beating, a tasing, wrongful detention, unlawful search and seizure, mauling by a police dog or have had your civil rights violated in jail or prison. Sadly, victims often feel that they are to blame for what happened to them. Feelings of shame are mixed with pain and suffering, physical injuries, and other psychological trauma.

By visiting this website you are taking a courageous first step in fighting back and defending all of us against the widespread police brutality which seems to permeate our culture. As an attorney, I am deeply disturbed by current news reports of police shootings and other police misconduct. What I find most alarming is that the news reports only the most extreme cases; most incidents go unreported because people don’t know their rights and don’t realize that the law is on their side. I chose to practice law because I have a deep and abiding respect for our United States Constitution; I am passionately devoted to defending the rule of law and the principles of freedom, liberty and equality guaranteed by our Bill of Rights against abuse of power by police and other government agents.

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The law only works when we assert our rights.

The law only works when we assert our rights. If we allow those with authority to abuse their power and violate our rights we will lose our freedom one incident at a time, and wind up as a police state or worse. We all have a responsibility to defend and guard our Civil Rights against abuse of power. Those who drafted the Bill of Rights gave us the tool but we have to use it. We must not surrender our freedom to bullying and oppression.

Because police rarely face criminal charges no matter what outrageous act they commit, the best way to defend our Constitution is through Civil Litigation.  My name is Cameron Sehat, and I am dedicated to defending people against abuse of government power. No instance of police brutality is inconsequential; each assault on our Civil Liberties is part of a bigger pattern.

At The Sehat Law Firm, we have the skill and experience needed to successfully prosecute on your behalf for any unwarranted abuse of power. Our police misconduct attorney in Los Angeles specializes in police excessive force, wrongful arrest,  K9 incidents, prison guard misconduct, jail medical neglect and serious personal injury.  If you are pulled over, arrested or detained, know that you have rights under the law and under no circumstances should law enforcement or anyone else violate your civil rights.

You have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses along with pain and suffering (the physical and mental burden for going through your injuries as a result of someone’s carelessness) and punitive damages (to punish wrongdoers and deter future abuses). Let our civil rights lawyers in Los AngelesIrvineLong Beach and Riverside help you today! Other areas we work with: contact for Immigration and Debt Collection.



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