Review our case verdicts and settlements in various areas including jail death, wrongful death, excessive force, jail medical neglect and failure to protect inmates.

jail death settlements

Nelson  v. County of Los Angeles 


Off-Duty Deputy Shooting, Severe Spinal Injury

Frias* v. City of Los Angeles


Officer-Involved Shooting, Wrongful Death

S.V. v. County of Riverside


Jail Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death

Russell v. County of Orange


Jail Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death

Garcia v. County of Riverside


Excessive Force, Serious Head Injury

Gordon, M v. County of Orange


Jail Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death

Anagnostou v. County of Los Angeles


Hospital Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death
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Westwood v. County of San Bernardino


Jail Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death

Vasquez v. County of Riverside


Failure To Protect Inmate, Severe Injury

Kangas v. County of Orange


Failure To Protect Inmate, Wrongful Death

Pasillas v. State of California


Prison Medical Neglect, Wrongful Death

Gordon, F. v. DOE


Dependent Adult Neglect

Barragan v. DOES et al


Premise liability

Ketron v. City of Santa Monica


Jail Excessive Force

Walton v. DOE


Police Excessive Force

Kreitl v. County of Orange


Deputy Excessive Force Against Minor

*Frias- verdict in conjunction with co-counsel Dale Galipo’s office.