Longstanding Police Brutality in the U.S.

Police brutality refers to the excessive use of force by police officers while performing their duties. This issue has been a longstanding problem in the United States, where police brutality has led to protests, civil unrest, and calls for reform. The use of excessive force by law enforcement officers can result in severe injuries and death, and can disproportionately affect marginalized and minority communities.

Biden has previously expressed support for police reform and has taken steps to address police brutality, including signing an executive order on police reform in June 2021. However, for many minority community members, these actions may not be enough.


Increased Accountability for Officers

In his State of the Union address, President Biden focused on accountability within American policing. Introducing the parents of Tyre Nichols, a young Black man who died after being beaten by Memphis officers, Biden tasked the chamber for compassion and empathy. “Imagine if you lost that child at the hands of the law?” He further acknowledged the threats that Black and brown civilians face during encounters with police officers, threats that parents must address with their children.

“Public safety depends on public trust, as all of us know. But too often that trust is violated.”

In his speeches and statements on the topic, President Biden has expressed his commitment to addressing police brutality and promoting police reform. He has called for increased accountability for law enforcement officers who engage in misconduct and has advocated for policies that promote transparency, oversight, and community engagement. His list of actions includes more officer training, ongoing accountability for law enforcement, conduct restrictions of federal officers, and support for those struggling with mental health and other issues.

police reform

A Long Way to Go

Addressing police brutality requires a multifaceted approach that includes legislative and policy reforms, community engagement, and education. It is essential for law enforcement agencies to implement policies and procedures that ensure accountability and transparency in the use of force and provide adequate training and support for officers.

“Folks, it’s difficult, but it’s simple,” Biden said. “All of us in this chamber, we need to rise to this moment. We can’t turn away. Let’s do what we know in our hearts that we need to do. Let’s come together to finish the job on police reform.”

The best solution is to keep working towards an equitable and just society where everyone feels safe.


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