On Tuesday morning, San Bernardino police pursued Anthony Graziano after he was accused of killing his wife, Tracy Martinez and kidnapping their 15-year-old daughter, Savannah Graziano.

Witnesses said they saw Graziano attempt to pick Martinez up in his car, then shot her multiple times after she tried to get out of the truck. He fled and then abducted their daughter.

The next day a 911 call reported seeing his car near Barstow. This is when San Bernardino police tracked and chased him for 45 miles. A gunfight occurred between police and Graziano (possible his daughter as well) in the car during the chase and even after the car went off the road.

“Based on the information, evidence suggests that Savanna Graziano was a participant in shooting at our deputies,” San Bernardino County sheriff Shannon D. Dicus said. The girl had been wearing tactical gear including a helmet and military style-vest and had gotten out of the vehicle, running toward the sheriff’s deputies. They did not realize it was Savanna and then shot her. She was brought to a hospital but later was pronounced dead. Her father had died at the scene.

The tragic irony is that just a day before, there was an Amber Alert out for Savanna. As well all know, Amber Alerts are measures to help save children, not harm them.

The investigations in this incident are ongoing, but it is agonizing to hear of the fatal outcome that didn’t have to be this way.


Police Shootings in Los Angeles

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