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Don’t let the police and the D.A.’s office bully you around. If you or somebody you love has been arrested and charged with a crime, Cameron Sehat and his experienced and aggressive team of legal pros will respond rapidly. Call our hotline at (855) 468-5291 for help now. We are passionately committed to protecting the rights of the accused and will be at your side immediately and throughout your ordeal to launch an aggressive defense.

Attorney Cameron Sehat Will Get You the Best Possible Result

When you’ve been arrested for a serious crime there’s a lot at stake. You need an aggressive legal team in your corner with experience in criminal defense and in civil rights litigation.

Cameron Sehat and the Sehat Law team have the experience and the dedication to make the District Attorney’s office prove your guilt or let you go. Additionally, if your civil rights are violated during your arrest or while you are in jail, we may be able to file a civil rights lawsuit as a recourse to remedy those violations.  In some circumstances we can demand that the charges against you be dropped and that you be released.

We will fight for you!

Surprisingly, the job description for District Attorney is not winning convictions. The job is supposed to be focused on seeking and finding the unbiased truth to ensure that justice is served on behalf of the People of the State of California. However, time after time we see people who’ve been arrested and framed for a serious crime with weak evidence and jailhouse snitches.  

Sometimes the D.A.’s office will try to pressure  you into copping a plea by claiming that they have a solid case against you when they don’t. They will use scare tactics, bullying and threats to get you to plead guilty to a crime without putting up a fight or exercising your right to a jury trial. Their goal is to clear the court docket and also keep conviction rates high.

Everybody who is charged with a crime has a right to an attorney. However, if your public defender is juggling dozens of cases or is fresh out of law school and inexperienced you don’t really have a lawyer. Because the stakes are high, you need an advocate in your corner that will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and launch an aggressive defense.

We Are the Nation With the Highest Rate of Incarceration in the World

Because the privatized prison industry has a powerful lobby in Washington and contributes heavily to funding political candidates our laws are skewed towards over-incarceration, mainly of people from demographic groups who do not have the resources to fight back. Tax dollars which could be going towards a better education for our children or more low-income housing are instead being spent on putting people in jail and prison and keeping them there.

Attorney Cameron Sehat and the Sehat Law team are determined to fight the rampant civil rights violations, abuse of police power and over-incarceration which are stripping us of our Constitutional protections and turning United States citizens and immigrants alike into virtual slaves. We see which way the wind is blowing and we do not want to live in a prison state.

You Need an Attorney Who Is a Passionate Advocate for Civil Rights

Cameron Sehat will aggressively defend you and guard your rights after you’ve been arrested. We believe that each individual who is charged with a crime deserves a vigorous defense. We have helped many people charged with serious crimes to get the very best resolution possible in their legal matter. Areas we represent include:

We will get started immediately when you call us for help, gathering evidence and facts to support your innocence and to cast substantial doubt on any evidence the District Attorney has. We will not wait for the D.A. to decide whether to file charges, we will begin to investigate right away before the evidence that could support your innocence disappears or is altered.

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We are available 24/7 for legal emergencies. The initial consultation is free of charge. Let us get started helping you now. Call our hotline at (855) 468-5291 for a rapid response. There is no time to lose when your future is at stake.

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