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Domestic Violence cases can be defined more by the reaction to the crime than the crime itself. It’s very easy for even a minor case with dubious truth to become highly politicized. These cases are more and more decided in the court of public opinion. If you’re not careful, these kind of cases can grow and grow and grow, until they have transformed into something else entirely.

Our concern is how these kind of cases can have long lasting, potentially life altering effects – custody issues, life-tan bans on firearms, even court orders that can separate families. Plaintiffs in Domestic Violence cases face a trial that could impact all other facets of their work, school, and life. So we at the The Sehat Law Firm know we have to do everything in our power to provide you with the fair legal treatment you deserve.

Are You Being Accused of Child, Elder, or Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse takes many forms, each of we take with the utmost seriousness. Spousal battery, assault between spouses, unmarried parents, or cohabiting couples are all considered acts of family violence, and they will attract legal ramifications. Child abuse, cruelty to a child, or child endangerment are always tricky situations, and the safety of the child in question must be addressed. In cases such as these, attorneys have the ability to connect you with services that can provide additional legal protection, and maintain the well being of the child. Elder abuse, violations of established restraining orders, criminal threats, harassment, or stalking charges can all be considered various forms of Domestic Violence – and if you’ve been brought to court on any of these charges, then we can help.


How a Victim Can Work With a Judge

Penalties range from fines to restraining orders to even jail time, and sometimes can even attract government prosecutors who may feel that your case qualifies as a federal crime. The district attorney and the judge will take a number of factors into account – including your own attitude. They are more interested in assisting and helping people charged with these crimes if they show a willingness to change of their own accord. If a plaintiff is more inclined towards improving relationships, straightening resolution skills, and developing greater anger management, you have good odds of finding a judge and attorney who are willing to take that into consideration. At The Sehat Law Firm, we make sure to connect you with the people and agencies that can provide help to you and your family in these trying times.


Restraining Orders & What They Mean

Restraining orders can be the end result of such cases, and can have lasting effects on your life and the lives around you. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders exist to keep perpetrators away from the people they have been accused of endangering. This is a distinct order, different from civil harassment restraining orders, elder or dependent adult abuse restraining order, or a workplace violence restraining order. California restraining orders apply not just in the state, but across the United States as a whole. And the effect can be devastating – this order could force you to move out of your home, turn over any firearms in your possession, affect your immigration status, and could even affect your ability to see your children at all.

The Sehat Law Firm can takes on cases of this magnitude, and provide the accused parties with all the rights and protections that you are afforded. If you’re not careful, then charges of this nature could irreparably alter the course of your life, and the lives of your loved ones. So don’t hesitate to call The Sehat Law Firm, and see what kind of services we can provide for you. Contact one of our fine attorneys now, and face these charges head on. Contact The Sehat Law Firm for a free consultation from a Criminal Defense Lawyer at our firm, and let us try to help you through these difficult times.

We represent clients in all Los Angeles Superior Courts & Orange County Superior Courts, including the Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach Courthouse), Central Justice Center, Westminster Superior Court, & Fullerton Superior Court.

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