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A DUI may seem like a small, harmless offense. But being charged with one can irreparably alter your life, and the lives around you. An attorney’s fee may seem like a hurdle, but it’s an anthill compared to the prices you’d face from the potential fines, license suspension, and increased insurance rates that could result from a DUI conviction. So if you’ve been arrested on these or similar grounds, then you owe it to you and your family to contact The Sehat Law Firm and learn more about your options.

What Happens If You’ve Gotten a DUI Felony

Your DUI charges can take on many forms, and a good lawyer can provide you with different results. For example, first-offense DUI’s can often be resolved without the plaintiff having to even handle a DUI conviction. But the Sehat Law Firm can help with all other forms of the crime, and the possible ramifications of it. This includes singular cases such as with Underage

DUI, which presents a series of specialized challenges that we are prepared for. Felony DUI are very important to address immediately, whether they involve the DUI causing injuries or by being the fourth such offense within ten years. These cases are the most important to handle with care, precision, and skill, so make sure you’ve found an attorney you can trust with your well-being. DUI involving drugs, regardless whether the crime involves prescription drugs or highly illicit street drugs, can and will carry the same penalties as a DUI involving alcohol.

DUI that Involves a Vehicle Accident

Any DUI that involves an vehicle accident, especially one that causes property damage, injury, and/or death will become a high profile case. And if you’re in that situation, then you need a diligent and skilled lawyer. This is the kind of case that could see you spending time inside a state prison – so you need the most knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney that you can find. Even boating under the influence can constitute a DUI case, and carry the same consequences as driving any other kind of vehicle while intoxicated. And no matter the degree of the crime, you’ll need an attorney to assist you in setting up a DMV hearing, otherwise you could be facing a potentially devastating suspension of your license. The Sehat Law Firm can defend you in even these situations, and help you work down any and all suspensions on your license.

The Liberties that a Defense Attorney Will Fight to Protect

When you find yourself in a case similar to this, then it’s vital for our attorneys to address the case and find any possible happy outcomes. And even when it seems hopeless, there are still avenues to approach when it comes to these kind of cases. Among others, a good defense attorney can push forward with questions regarding your civil liberties. Any number of possible police errors could have been made during the course of your case, and it’s vital that we find them and address them. At the end of the day, the law is meant to protect us. And if you’re not receiving that kind of protection, then it’s important that you fix that.

If you’re facing down any of these charges, then you owe it to yourself to have the best attorneys possible on hand to help you combat this. And at The Sehat Law, that’s what we do best. We protect your civil rights, we defend you in court, and we find the best way possible to get you back on the road following these hardships in your life. A DUI may seem like a small offense, but it can quickly derail everything in your life. So don’t let it affect you like this – contact The Sehat Law Firm for a free consultation with a highly skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles, and learn what we can do for you.

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