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Committing a Federal Crime is a potentially devastating charge that can have an impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones, for years to come. And in these situations, you need to know that your attorney is experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of defending you. That’s why you need to contact the The Sehat Law Firm immediately.

What Turns a Felony into a Federal Crime?

The Sehat Law Firm offers protection for you and your family in case of these federal charges lead to a trial. And given the severity of federal crimes, these cases are extremely important, to you and to us. Our defense attorneys offer protection for a number of federal charges, ranging from internet crimes, money laundering, misappropriation, false statements, sex crimes, violent crimes, and even weapons offenses. If you’ve found yourself in a federal court of law, then you know that you’re in need of some serious help. but that’s one of the reasons that we have The Sehat Law Firm on hand to assist in the any time you spend in trial.

Are Prosecutors Falsely Charging You With a Crime?

Federal charges are a drastically important matter. Especially if you’ve found yourself accused of committing a federal drug crime. You have to be sure to protect your rights if you want to avoid any lengthy prison sentence. This includes charges of drug trafficking (whether they are considered narcotics or another kind of controlled substance), drug smuggling, drug conspiracy charges, drug manufacturing, drug distribution, and drug importation or exportation. And these kind of cases, which can spring from any number of avenues, can be considered a federal crime if you’ve passed a single state line. Federal prosecutors will especially hold on pressing any formal charges until they feel that they’ve constructed a strong case against a defendant. However, a skilled defense attorney can point to certain pretrial motions, charges that still come with an unreasonable doubt, or even – in extreme cases – negotiating on your behalf to achieve a favorable plea bargain that could reduce some of the potentially harsh penalties that are typically mandatory with similar cases.

Financial Fraud that Could be Considered Federal Crimes

We also serve as the best defense against accusations of federal fraud. Our attorneys have experience dealing with the various forms of federal charges of embezzlement, immigration fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, and other financial fraud offenses. And not only have we been to court, fighting these kind of charges, but we’ve won these cases too. We have the experience and the results to impress any client, and strike fear into any prosecutor. These charges have the power to derail a business, a family, and everything important in your life. So you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to consult an attorney about such matters.

The Importance of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

At The Sehat Law Firm, we take these matters deathly serious. It’s our job to review the facts that led to your arrest. To assess the case, and locate any constitutional violations that have been perpetrated against you, on any and all levels of law enforcement. To present the facts as plain as day, and to keep you on your established life plan. It’s our responsibility to take every step of the prosecution into consideration, and investigate the manner in which law enforcement officials procured evidence. To examine the extent of the charges against you, to produce a strong defense based on the truth, and to work with the legal system to ensure that you receive a fair agreement that can minimize or even stop any repercussions from impacting you and your loved ones. Contact us today, and set up a free consultation with a highly skilled Criminal Defense Attorney. Together, we can see that justice is done, and that you get to continue your life, free of charge.

We represent clients in all Los Angeles Superior Courts & Orange County Superior Courts, including the Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach Courthouse), Central Justice Center, Westminster Superior Court, & Fullerton Superior Court.

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