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Smuggling, trafficking, and illegal importation cases can often be tricky situations. Law enforcement will find many individual involved with criminal enterprises. But they will also arrest people who were unaware of the regulations and had no idea they were committing a crime.  

It’s an important distinction that could separate someone at threat from spending upwards of years of their lives incarcerated.

Its why, before you ever step in front of a judge, you need to make sure that you have a strong legal defense. 

It’s why you need to contact The Sehat Law Firm, and work with one of our highly trained attorneys to protect your liberties.

What If You’ve Received Immigration & Customs Charges?

Sometimes, unintentional actions can lead to devastating events. If you’ve been traveling through the Los Angeles area, it’s very common to be detained by Customs or Immigration services.

Smuggling charges can come out of nowhere, even from causes as innocent as significant amounts of cash or jewelry, possession of valuable goods, plant or animal products not widely known to be considered as illegal for possession in the United States. Even mere possession of counterfeit items such as watches, clothing, or other black market items can be considered grounds for detainment. If any of this applies to you, then you need to make sure you have hard-working, professional legal assistance.

Coerced into smuggling

Being vulnerable or intimidated is not a weakness. Yet, citizens across Los Angeles have been coerced into smuggling something into a state or federal prison. Whether you were accused of the crime or committed it, it’s our responsibility to make sure you don’t receive the harshest of punishments for a single mistake. No matter what the item was (from drugs and weapons to even cell phones), we at The Sehat Law Firm are experienced in defending people from these kind of charges. A fake charge can always be proven false, and punishment can be negotiated with cooperation.

Accused of a crime while on a cruise?

Disorderly conduct during a cruise vacation may not seem like a terribly important offense in the moment, but cruises are hotbeds for altercations and encounters that might otherwise never occur. When investigating a criminal allegation that is made aboard a cruise ship or water boat, the crew is forced to alert local authorities. And sometimes, that can even resorting to contacting the FBI. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime while on a cruise, then you need proper legal representation, immediately. That’s when you have to contact The Sehat Law Firm. We have experience in investigating and defending citizens from accusations of sexual assault or similar sex offenses, drug possession, drug sales, and drug trafficking. We also are able to defend you if you’ve been accused of any violent crime, such as assault, domestic violence, or battery. We also offer protection for individuals who have been accused of smuggling or any form of illegal importations, involving drugs, weapons, or any foreign purchased items.

We can Help you!

All of these protections extend outside just the Los Angeles area however. We also offer defense services for anyone affected by these offenses in the Long Beach and San Diego areas as well. We make it our priority to protect everything in your life from being affected by these monumental changes and events, no matter where in the area you’ve been detained.

If you or someone you care about is accused of any of these crimes, then you need a dedicated and successful attorney protecting your liberties. Regardless of the circumstances that have found you in this situation, you need proper representation to protect your rights. At The Sehat Law Firm, we have the experience, the skill, and the knowledge to ensure that you see a fair day in court. Contact us for a free evaluation with a highly skilled Criminal Defense Law Firm Los Angeles, and we can get started protecting you and your loved ones.

We represent clients in all Los Angeles Superior Courts & Orange County Superior Courts, including the Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach Courthouse), Central Justice Center, Westminster Superior Court, & Fullerton Superior Court.

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