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If you’ve found yourself the target of a criminal investigation for a white collar crime, then you have no time to waste. Contact The Sehat Law Firm immediately and learn about the protections we can provide you during a highly complex legal proceeding.

Help! I’ve Been Accused of Felony or Financial Fraud!

White collar crimes often end up involving various forms of financial documentation and intercepted communications between culpable parties. These will often be used as the main evidence to demonstrate some type of alleged financial fraud. Even if you haven’t been formally charged with a felony, you could still be the target in an ongoing investigation. 

If you believe this may be the case, contact The Sehat Law Firm immediately, and we can get to the bottom of this, together. The sooner you have a qualified and experienced defense lawyer going to bat for you, the better off you and your financial future will be.

Protecting Your Liberties When You’re Accused of Being a White Collar Criminal

White collar crime covers a multitude of charges, and all of them could have a serious impact on your future. Whether you have been dealt with formal charges or are merely dealing with internal investigations into the matter, embezzlement charges are a serious matter. Having a Criminal Defense Law Firm Orange County on hand can help you deal with any number of accusations, such as employee embezzlement, check fraud, mail or wire fraud, accounting fraud, computer fraud, or money laundering. These are all situations where a level head can keep these issues ever reaching trial or garnering the attention of the public eye. Even in cases where conviction is imminent, a good criminal defense attorney can keep culpable parties out of jail and at least earn reduced time or a dismissal of the charges.

The Potential Severity of Bank Fraud

The Sehat Law Firm also handles accusations of bank fraud, and con provide excellent protection for you and your loved ones. These charges are very serious, and could be prosecuted on the state or even the federal level. If you’ve found yourself accused of such a crime, then you can’t wait one second before hiring a determined defense lawyer. Even something as small as a mistake on a bank loan application can result in major consequences for everyone involved. We have the experience in protecting plaintiffs in cases of bad checks, loan application fraud, identity theft, or credit card fraud. We represent people accused of healthcare fraud, and all the possible motions of false billing practices by doctors and hospitals, unnecessary procedures, double billing for medical services, and even accusations of kickbacks from major pharmaceutical and drug companies, And with our experience, we can develop a strategy that will keep you out of legal hot water.

Any kind of white collar crime conviction can have a major impact on you and your loved ones, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. So no matter what kind of trouble you’ve found yourself in, it’s important to contact a reliable and knowledgeable defense attorney about the realities of your situation. Contact The Sehat Law Firm for a free consultation with an experienced and skilled Criminal Defense Attorney today.

We represent clients in all Los Angeles Superior Courts & Orange County Superior Courts, including the Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach Courthouse), Central Justice Center, Westminster Superior Court, & Fullerton Superior Court.

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