Health concerns, including such severe cases as in-custody injuries and jail deaths, specifically in California, have become a concern during the past few years, says the Guardian. Record numbers have been reported in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Negligence, improper environmental conditions, and delayed care and reporting are among some of the reasons for these injuries and deaths, says the article.

In the horrible event that your loved one died in jail due to what you believe was unlawful mistreatment, we want to hear from you. Sadly, some deaths can be prevented, and it’s up to the family members to seek justice through the help of an experience Jail Death law firm like The Sehat Law Firm in Orange County. If you suspect medical negligence or wrongdoing that cause the serious injury or death of your family member, we want to hear from you. Together, we can stand up against injustices that occur behind bars. Please review our prior successful jail death verdicts and settlements here.


Advocate for Your Loved One: Ask for Medical Assistance

When a friend, family member, or loved one is detained in custody, it isn’t unusual to feel helpless and overwhelmed. It becomes even more serious if medical negligence is suspected. It may feel like you have the power to do nothing, but that’s not true. If you find yourself in this position, there are a few ways to battle against such treatment, says NAMI.  One of the best ways to empower yourself and your loved one is to become familiar with both your rights and theirs while they are detained.

If there is suspicion of mistreatment, filing a formal complaint in the chain of command is the first thing to do, says NAMI. You can do this over the phone, or if you cannot reach anyone at the facility, go there in person and find the administration staff. If this doesn’t result in much movement, the next step is to contact the state Department of Corrections Office, then the Governor’s Office, or your state’s protection and advocacy agency. Lastly, contact your state’s affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union. Should you need legal protection for the issue, contacting the American Bar Association’s referral service will help you seek counsel.

medical neglect in jail

Advocate for your loved one in jail


Humane facilities, freedom from sexual and racial harassment, and the right to complaint are a few rights inmates have while detained, says FindLaw. It is also a right for inmates to receive medical care, however, they won’t receive any if they do not first ask for it, says NAMI. Many jails and prisons don’t have proper healthcare or prescriptions available for specific conditions, says the article, so it is up to family members or friends to advocate for their loved ones. As soon as the arrest takes place, you can call the police department or bail commissioner and inform them of your loved one’s physical and mental health conditions. In certain cases, inmates’ families may be able to bring their medication to the jail.

In cases of medical care, families can contact the medical staff directly at the facility to help those detained receive the care they require, says NAMI.