Jonathan Mitrani Injured After Being Hit By Los Angeles Police Department Patrol Vehicle

pexels-pixabay-532001LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (February 20, 2024) – A suspect identified as Jonathan Mitrani was injured after being hit by a Los Angeles Police Department patrol vehicle.

Los Angeles County officials are saying that the incident took place around 5:15 a.m. on Thursday. The LAPD were called to the North Hollywood Area after getting reports about an “Assault with a Deadly Weapon.”

Police encountered Jonathan Mitrani who they claim had a knife and was under the influence. The suspect was hit with a taser and bean bag rounds following verbal commands.

Those measures proved to be ineffective. LAPD officials continued to use bean bag rounds and a taser before one officer decided to use his vehicle as a battering ram and strike Jonathan Mitrani.

The suspect was knocked to the ground and stood back up before being disarmed and taken into custody. A full investigation remains ongoing at this time.


Liability For Use of Force Encounters With The LAPD

Use of force incidents are far more common than many people may realize. According to the Law Enforcement Epidemiology Project, “In one year, more than 50 million persons in the U.S. have contact with police during a traffic stop, street stop, arrest, traffic accident or resident initiated contact. About 1 million of these civilians experience police threat of or use of force during these interactions.” Police departments should take a number of steps to avoid needlessly injuring suspects.

  • Police officers should wear body cameras when they are interacting with the public.
  • Police officers should be trained to recognize when a suspect may be in the midst of a mental health crisis.
  • Police officers should wait for backup in high risk situations.
  • Police officers should use less-lethal options first before resorting to their service pistol.

Police officers must always use lethal force as an absolute measure of last resort after other options have been exhausted. A police department could be liable for the excessive force of one of their officers. Pursuant to 42 U.S. Code § 1983, every person who, under the color of any statute, law or ordinance, causes a citizen of the United States to be deprived of their rights secured by the constitution, shall be liable to the injured party in an action at law. There are many different ways that a police officer may have used excessive force.

  • A police officer may have hit a suspect who was already restrained.
  • A police officer may have shot a suspect merely because they were attempting to flee.
  • A police officer may have put a suspect in an illegal choke-hold.

Generally speaking, police officers should not use their own vehicles as a weapon. As is the case with other deadly uses of force, this should only occur as an absolute last resort. It is important that all evidence is properly preserved after any use of force incident. Any person that is the victim of police brutality may be able to seek some measure of justice through a civil claim. A civil rights attorney can examine all of the unique facts of your case and let you know what your legal options are.


Investigating Use of Force Encounters With The LAPD

We at the Sehat Law Firm were concerned to hear about this use of force incident involving Jonathan Mitrani. Any person that may have more information about what happened should reach out to investigators. It is our hope that steps are taken to prevent similar incidents.

Have you or someone that you care about been injured by the LAPD? You may have legal recourse? Our team of civil rights attorneys are here to help in any way that we can. We care deeply that people are aware of their constitutional rights and that police departments are held accountable for their illegal actions. Whether you just have legal questions or need any type of support we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (949) 825-5200.


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