Wellpath is the largest for-profit provider of health care to correctional facilities. As part of its business model, Wellpath provides medical services to prisoners throughout the United States. Wellpath has been a named defendant in numerous civil lawsuits in California and other states. The Department of Justice has investigated Wellpath and its CEO.

The Formation of Wellpath

Wellpath was formed when a private equity group purchased Correct Care Solutions in 2018. The company was then merged with a smaller company named Correctional Medical Group Companies. Wellpath is a Nashville limited liability company owned by H.I.G. Capital, a private equity firm with over $45 billion of equity capital under management.

Wellpath Contracts with Governmental Entities

Wellpath enters contracts worth millions of dollars to provide correctional healthcare to county governments. Wellpath promotes its ability to oversee the delivery of prison healthcare without the government being forced to micromanage the daily operations or bear the risk of being sued for offering substandard health care.

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State Action

When Wellpath takes on the business of providing health care for governmental correctional facilities it becomes a “state actor” and is bound by the same obligation to respect the constitutional rights of prisoners. The governmental entity contracting with Wellpath may be liable for Wellpath’s actions if the governmental entity does not monitor those actions and ensures that the company is following state and federal law.

The Risks of Private Inmate Health Care

Inmates are at risk of suffering serious bodily injury or death when for-profit entities attempt to save costs and improve efficiency by reducing the quantify and quality of healthcare provided to inmates. Jail Medical neglect is a serious problem in many correctional facilities throughout California and the United States.

Your Loved One May Have Been Denied Medical Care While Incarcerated

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