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If you were involved in an automobile accident and you have suffered injuries, you may not yet know the full extent of all your injuries, but the law entitles you to all medical care reasonably necessitated as a result of the wrongful party’s conduct. This will include care above and beyond an initial hospital visit and the administration of basic X-Rays. There are many non-fracture injuries which will not show on a typical X-Ray yet will require the use of more precise and technological advanced imaging system such as an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or a CT Scans (Computed Tomography scans) to be properly diagnosed. Examples of such injuries are torn tendons and ligaments, some types of brain injuries, muscle and cartilage tissue tears and many others. Lastly, the long term effects of a neck or back injury from a car accident can be debilitating for many people.

Because no two individual are the same, that is, they will not share the same exact physiology, anatomy, bone structure, pain tolerance and so forth, a given collision can result in a wide array of symptoms from one person to the next.

For example, you can have a frail person involved in a 10 mph collision develop injuries to the same extent as another more robust and less-susceptible-to-injuries person who is involved in a 50 mph collision. That is why it is extremely important that you promptly seek medical care right after an accident so that the full spectrum of your injuries can be diagnosed and the proper medical care can be dispensed to you.

If you have been the victim of any of the above types of accident, then contact our firm for a free legal consultation to determine what rights and remedies you might have. You can make an appointment with an attorney at our office; or upon request if you lost mobility as a result of your injuries, we can meet you at your home, office or even at your hospital bed. During your preliminary consultation, we can answer your questions and review the merits of your case to formulate the best strategy to proceed forward with your legal matter.

Injuries from an auto accident?