Catastrophic Injury Attorney – Los Angeles

A catastrophic injury usually is a permanent injury that can leave a person suffering a disability for the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries are serious with long-term effects on the victim. If compensation is not received for catastrophic injuries, the physical, emotional and financial strains can be devastating.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by any number of different circumstances, and the results of the catastrophic injury can last for weeks, months, or even years. Some of the most common catastrophic injuries include:

  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Burns
  • Organ Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia

Sehat Law Firm will represent you to receive the best compensation for catastrophic injury.

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment for your lifetime
  • Affliction of emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Estimated lost of future wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Medical expenses