Cruise Ship Injury Attorney – Los Angeles

If you have been injured while you were in a cruise ship, it’s important to claim your injuries immediately. For most cruise lines, there are specific disclaimers on the amount of time you have to claim an injury. Fortunately, your rights are protected by the Jones Act. The Jones Act protects passengers on deckhand injuries, injuries in a tugboat, driving boat accidents, and international injury claims. Unfortunately, most claims concerning cruise ship injuries generally cannot bring legal claims under the Jones Act.  Instead, their claims are covered by “General Marine Law.”

To receive a fair settlement amount for a cruise ship injury will depend on a variety of factors.  Some of those factors include whether you were a passenger of the cruise ship, the nature of your injuries, the cost of medical treatment, whether the cruise ship employees were at fault for your injury, and whether your injury will prevent you from working or require follow-up medical treatment.

It is crucial to seek the right representation for injuries suffered during a cruise ship. To protect your rights and file your claim in a timely manner, you need a skillful attorney to be there for you against these major cruise lines. The Sehat Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to get you the treatment and compensation you deserve.