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During their time in prison, inmates are guaranteed access to basic medical care under the law. Denying an inmate health care is tantamount to stripping them of their civil rights. It does not matter what crime prisoners committed to land themselves in jail, medical neglect should never be part of their punishment.

Examples of Jail Medical Neglect

Much could go wrong with an inmate’s health care, especially when they often feel powerless to exercise their rights. Here are some examples of situations that fall under the umbrella of medical neglect:

  • Denying access to medication
  • Ignoring serious injuries or illnesses
  • Jail medical malpractice
  • Prison medical abuses
  • Allowing unnecessary pain and suffering
  • Denying vital treatment

Proving a prison medical neglect claim involves demonstrating deliberate indifference on the part of prison employees and officials. This means they actively know of the risk for the inmate by failing to provide medical treatment, by providing inadequate medical treatment, or by delaying treatment, but continue to deny treatment anyway.

Prison Medical Neglect Claims

Lawsuits for medical neglect in prison can have multiple defendants. Many jails contract their medical care to private entities. Inmates who suffered from medical neglect can sue the prison, these medical entities, prison guards and any employee involved with denying them adequate health care.

Under the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, prisoners are protected from cruel and unusual punishment. This includes denial of certain medical services. Inmates can sue under Section 1983 for damages as well as under state laws. Depending on the injuries and severity of medical needs that were denied, inmates can be awarded considerable damages.

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Being in prison does not mean you do not deserve adequate medical treatment. At The Sehat Law Firm, we can help you stand up to large prison bureaucracies and assert your rights to quality health care. With offices in Los Angeles, Irvine, Long Beach and Riverside, our civil rights and police misconduct lawyers have the knowledge and skills to guide you through this painstaking process. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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