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Police officers have the right to use their K-9s on suspects in certain situations, but certainly not all. An attack from a police dog can be a terrifying experience that can lead to long term injuries, scarring and even death. These dogs are not trained to play nice and will treat every fleeing suspect with the same uncompromising force, regardless of the crime. But obviously the dog is not at fault for simply doing what it was trained to do. The officer, however, who commands the K-9 dog attack can be held liable for using police excessive force unnecessarily to detain a suspect.

When is Using a Police Dog Considered Excessive Force?

In the City of Los Angeles, K-9 dogs are considered “multi-functional assets.” They can be used for a wide array of law enforcement activities from sniffing for drugs and bombs to subduing suspects. Just like a taser or mace, this police tool can be used excessively in certain situations.

K-9 dog bites can contain a bite pressure of 1,500 to 1,800 pounds per square inch, a force that can do extensive damage to human flesh and bone.

K-9 dog maulings can be considered excessive force when the attack and resulting injury is not justified by the government interest at stake or the nature of the crime. This means that a judge must take into account multiple considerations pertaining to to the seriousness of the criminal act, whether the suspect was dangerous and how controlled was the dog attack itself. There is no set criteria to determine whether a K-9 dog attack could be considered excessive force, therefore you should speak to our experienced civil rights and police misconduct attorneys to help effectively argue your case.


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Damages for Police Dog Maulings

Section 1983 suits can be filed against police officers using excessive force through a K-9 attack. The damages can include medical expenses, loss of wages and pain and suffering. These cases are challenging but the damages awarded can be considerable depending on the plaintiff’s injuries. In 2010, a man sleeping in a shed did not hear verbal warnings that a police dog was about to get sicked on him. He received a $225,000 settlement from Los Angeles County for his injuries.

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