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Police tasers appear to be a benign and effective alternative for restraining suspects and reducing the need for lethal force. But according to Amnesty International, between 2001 and 2011, about 500 people died as a result of police taser use.

While deaths are rare, victims of tasers can suffer severe injuries not just from the 50,000 volts but from falling forcefully on hard surfaces and injuring themselves.

Police officers need to show restraint when using a taser just like every other weapon in their arsenal. Just like a gun and a baton, the taser has the potential to seriously injure or kill. Police misconduct and tasing abuse are serious issues in this country. The many taser injuries and deaths occurring each year should not be ignored.


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Personal Injury Suits for Police Taser Use

Police taser injury suits are similar to all police excessive force cases and takes into account the same considerations. The burden of proof rests on the plaintiff, leaving them responsible for providing the evidence to assert the claim. Some important considerations to be aware of before filing a personal injury claim include:

  • How severe was the suspect’s crime that warranted that he or she was tased?
  • Was the suspect a direct threat to the officer or other people in the area?
  • Did the suspect physically resist or try to escape detention by the officer?
  • Did the officer identify themselves as police?
  • Was the crime so minor that most officers would not have even issued a citation?
  • Did the officer first make an attempt to arrest or handcuff the suspect?
  • Did the officer warn the suspect about the use of a taser if the suspect did not comply?

In order to win these types of cases, the plaintiff must prove that he or she was not an immediate threat and could have easily been restrained or otherwise dealt with without the use of a taser. The more severe the plaintiff’s injuries, the higher the damages he or she can be awarded and the more likely that the court will be sympathetic to the case. Standing up to a police department in court can be difficult and time consuming. Always seek the guidance of our experienced civil rights and police misconduct attorneys.

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