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Prison is dangerous enough when you are surrounded by hardened criminals. But what if the people tasked with keeping the peace in prison become part of the problem? Prison guard misconduct is a serious issue in the state of California, worsened by overcrowded prisons and widely prevalent gang influence.

If you were unlawfully beaten or abused in any way by a prison guard, you can seek damages under state and federal law. Just because you are stuck in jail does not mean you have lost all your rights. Prison guards are responsible for keeping you safe as you serve your sentence and should be taken to task for wrongdoings.

Types of Prison Guard Abuse

With so much power over inmates, prison guards have the opportunity to abuse their prisoners in a number of ways. Here are some common forms of guard abuses:

  • Physical abuse, random or routine beatings, torture or murder
  • Sexual abuse such as rape and assault
  • Psychological abuse like taunting, threats or humiliation
  • Failure to control jail deaths or violence
  • Failure to stop rapes or assaults among inmates
  • Failure to prevent jail suicides
  • Jail Medical Neglect


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Prison guards have a difficult responsibility to ensure safety in an extremely tense and dangerous environment. Although they cannot reasonably prevent all acts of violence in a prison, there is a line crossed when they negligently or maliciously carry out their duties. These abuses in detention are not limited to state of federal prisons. Police custody injuries and deaths deserve the same attention and remediations.

Damages for Prison Guard Abuse Victims

The 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects inmates against cruel and unusual punishment from their government and provides the foundation for fighting back against prison guard misconduct. Prison guards and administers can be liable for abuse perpetrated in their prisons.

Prisoners can file Section 1983 claims against a guard or prison and seek damages for a plethora of reasons. Pain and suffering, denial of civil rights and wrongful death damages for victims’ families can be sought under Section 1983.

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